General / 18 October 2019

I guess now is a better time to start a programming blog post then ever...

Hello Readers,

So I have been digging into a bit more advanced concepts lately and I found a need to learn programming. Now for the past few days I have been writing a daily journal for myself and my growth. Here I can always refer back to my person documentation for myself. Especially, since I always have a tough time getting concepts in code. I have been following a few large scale tutorials from Pluralsight like Python for Maya Fundamentals, 's RPG Core Combat Creator, and the C++ courses on Youtube from the Cult of Rig. Yes, these topics are very different from each other, but the underlying concept is programming geared for 3D games and rigging for Animation. 

So far, I have setup Unity, Python for Maya, and C++ for Maya. Only thing left to do is play with code. I believe that I have my head is more focused on understanding programming, where as before, I was more focused on fundamental concepts of programming like loops, scopes, classes, type definitions, and so on. Let's see where this will take me.